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Different layouts

Different layouts

Screens in frames enables you to create and schedule your monitors effortlessly from the web, using your computer, tablet or smartphone.
Use and reuse content

Upload any video or image file type. Use any YouTube video link. Show any web page you want.


Straightforward dashboard provides a comprehensive management panel to manage from one to thousands of monitors.


Drag-and-drop layout editing

Create unique display layouts using our show editor, using your uploaded media or ready-to-use widgets.



Top-grade encryption, firewall, and other security features to make sure your screens stay safe.

Content Adaptation

Anything you upload is automatically adapted for perfect playback.

Custom Widgets

Need a custom dynamic price-board, chart, or something else? Upload and use your own widgets. Or use one of ours!

Mobile-enabled management

The management panel supports mobile browsers, so you can make changes easily on the go.

Help is always at hand

Not sure if you can handle it? Our support team is always there to help you out.

Do you want a demonstration? Place contact us. You can also test the web interface here


 Some keywords:

  • Easy to manage, easy to update from anywhere. From mobile or PC.

  • Calendar function for when content should be displayed

  • The screen can be switched on / off automatically depending on the calendar (CEC control via HDMI cable)

  • The lunch menu can be viewed at certain times and can be edited online.

  • One can split the same screen with different content.

  • Set up multiple users with their own rights.

  • Group screens.

  • RSS feed (News) 

  • Weather Forecast

  • Clock

  • LAN / WIFI or 3G / 4G / LTE

  • Hashtag Widget. Search on Twitter or Instagram for the hashtag and show them on the screens.



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